Sustainable Building

For us, sustainable building means creating homes that make you feel good,
respecting the environment and giving something back to nature.

Sustainable Building

For us, sustainable building means creating homes that make you feel good,
respecting the environment and giving something back to nature.

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healthy living

You, your well-being and your health are always in the foreground, both in the planning and in the construction of the provided homes.

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energy efficient

Thanks to the use of regenerative heating technology and the latest thermal insulation as standard, you save costs and produce fewer emissions.

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conserving resources

We avoid unnecessary waste through close cooperation with our service providers, constant process optimiza-tion and quality assurance.

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We take active responsibility for current and future generations through fair, future-oriented and transparent action.

Our active ecological commitment

We are convinced that changes that we want in our en-vironment must be initiated by ourselves. That is why we actively participate in renaturation and reforestation measures in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. In this way, areas previously used or built up by humans are resto-red to their original or at least near-natural state and plants and animals typical of the region are settled.

Giving something back to nature

Precisely because the construction of our homes directly interferes with nature, it is particularly important for us to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum during every planning, construction and living phase and to compensate for it in other ways. That is why we actively participate in renaturation & reforestation measures in the Berlin-Brandenburg region. With our support, areas previously used for commercial purposes or built-up are unsealed, restored to their original or at least near-natural state and regionally typical plants and animals are reintroduced.

We currently commissioned the planting of trees in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region with a contract value of more than EUR 100.000.

High quality of living and well thought-out functionality

Every home, in its nature, focuses on your well-being and the protection of your health. During the planning phase, we pay particular attention to the framework con-ditions at the respective location, the construction me-thod, the best possible noise protection, fire protection and available low-risk and low-emission building pro-ducts. So that you can move in with a good feeling and use it for a long time.

Low energy consumption and low heating costs

Not only ecologically, but also economically sensible: All of our house types are equipped with efficient insulation materials and regenerative heating systems, which e.g. use the ambient air to generate thermal energy. Modern ventilation systems use preheated outside air and en-sure a healthy indoor climate while protecting the en-vironment and your wallet at the same time. With the aim of becoming independent of fossil fuels and at the same time benefiting from low energy costs.

Conscientious planning and execution

Thanks to well-organized processes, reliable service providers and a selected range of products, we can en-sure that construction defects and poor processing are reduced. In addition, we use the same high-quality buil-ding products for all house types and also offer them for sale in our online shop for building materials. This me-ans that we neither produce unnecessary excess nor waste unused resources.

Because the good is so close

By sourcing regionally available, EU-manufactured materials and contracting locally based companies, we promote local value creation, save emissions and transport costs, and have our contact persons in the vicinity.

Only together can we build a house

We know that our success and image stands or falls with our employees and business partners in the long run. Thanks to their competence and commitment, we can realise our idea of affordable homes and thus achieve our ambitious growth targets.

Within the framework of our personnel policy, it is all the more important for us to find, motivate, promote and, above all, retain suitable employees and junior staff in the long term. To achieve this, our company relies on respectful interaction at eye level, equal opportunities, a family-friendly environment, performance-based remuneration, targeted personal and professional development opportunities and prospects, the best possible work-life balance, the promotion of a sense of togetherness, e.g. through joint events and chocolate, a company pension scheme and many other extras.